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What is Creative Expression?

Creative expression provides an avenue of self exploration, discovery, and expression through both art and play. Using this creative process helps to resolve conflicts, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress and impulsivity, increase self-esteem/awareness, and alter the brain state to improve overall functioning.

Art and play act as mirrors of what is happening internally and become a reflection as well as a record of the therapeutic process.

Art can speak in colors, shapes, and images beyond the limitations of our spoken language. Art acts as a safe environment that encourages the risk of being seen, known, and accepted in an alternative way.

Play can be used to explore the world and make sense of what you experience. Play strengthens the connections in the brain and supports intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and creative processes.


Sessions are provided either weekly or biweekly depending on your needs and my availability. To ensure your commitment and consistency, I require payments in advance. For weekly sessions, I require payment for 4 sessions at a time at the start of services. For biweekly sessions, I require payment for 2 sessions at a time at the start of services. Sessions are offered Monday-Thursday.

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