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Caitlin Brock

Ed.S., M.Ed., NCC

Owner and Founder

Starting at a very young age, it became evident to myself and others that I was very creative, expressive, and that I had a passion for helping others, which led to my interest in counseling and what has continued to motivate me over the past 7+ years.

I attended the University of Mississippi (Go Rebels!) where I completed my B.A. in Psychology and my Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. Additionally, I received a Specialty Degree in Play Therapy and training in Child Parent Relationship Training at the Child Advocacy and Play Therapy Institute. I am also a Nationally Certified Counselor.

Out of college, I moved back to my hometown in Mississippi, where I took a job as a Mental Health Therapist and Day Treatment Behavioral Specialist. I worked with kids struggling with behavioral, social, and emotional issues, as well as family relationship problems, anger management, and anxiety. From that career, I gained great experience working with kids of all ages and their families. I frequently looked for opportunities to utilize art and play in my work, but I was faced with limitations with being able to fully provide these creative outlets and services I was passionate and knowledgeable about. So I knew I wanted to offer something more!!

Fast forward a few years and I made the decision to make a change and move from my hometown in Mississippi to Arizona to be closer to family!  I knew this was the place for me and I also knew it was now time to make my desire of offering something more a reality.

In March of 2020, (yes right in the middle of the pandemic) I made it happen by establishing my own private practice, Creative Expression, where I am able to finally offer that something more... a unique and creative counseling experience that goes beyond traditional talk therapy. 

I strive to provide a non-clinical healing experience that encourages freely and naturally expressing yourself through both art and play. I offer individual sessions with kids, adolescents, and teens. I also provide parent coaching and child parent relationship training. 

Additionally, I also love cooking, painting, playing with my 3 dogs (Taco, Rascal, and Easy), going to the zoo and aquarium, watching HGTV, and spending time with my niece and nephew!

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