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Experiencing a sense of belonging is an important skill for all of us. When we engage and interact with others, we are presented with the opportunities to feel this sense of belonging as well as learn more about ourselves in the process. However, sometimes this desire and experience can be difficult. Luckily we are also very adaptive and resilient so we can learn how to let ourselves see and be seen with others. Group therapy is a great way for learning this skill in a safe and supportive environment.

Creative Play Group

For kids 4-6 y/o
This group focuses on utilizing play to enhance the self-awareness, self- regulation, social communication, empathy and adoptability in children.

Top View of Kids Playing

Girl Power- Social Skills Group

This group provides girls (ages 9-12) with opportunities to positively interact and relate with other girls, improve social skills, boost self-esteem, learn to problem solve, feel empowered, enhance creativity, and manage behaviors and emotions.

Happy Young Girls

Self-Esteem Support Group

For teen girls 15-18 y/o
"Self-esteem is the experience of being capable of managing life's challenges and being worthy of happiness."
In this group, teen girls will receive help dealing with self-doubt, skills for handling criticism, exploring and understanding their authentic and unique identities, and opportunities to relate and connect to other teen girls while they all navigate challenges like school, dating, family, and friends.

Heart Girl

Anger Management for Teen Boys

For teen boys 15-18 y/o
Anger is a natural human emotion, but if it isn't managed properly its effects can cause problems. This group is designed to help teen boys better understand their anger, spot triggers, handle frustrating situations, identify and effectively communicate feelings, and learn steps to control anger.

Smiling Teenage Boy


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