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New Services Offered to People All Over!!

Recently I have watched as my own friends and family, as well as my clients, have struggled with managing quarantine. People have lost jobs, parents are struggling with keeping their families entertained, and individuals of all ages are prevented from seeing friends and family. Now more than ever, many are experiencing social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. This has inspired me to offer new services for people all over. These services are not meant to be your traditional therapy type services, but instead are focused more on helping with managing these difficult times, being able to find outlets for expression and creativity, and still be able to feel connected with others. My services will be offered through video or phone sessions or can be done on your own. Services are offered to anyone in any state!! For more information on services or to schedule, please contact me!

I have broken my services down by category to help you with determining which service could be right for you.

For Parents/Families:

*Creative Activities for Families:

-Provides you with activity prompts via email to complete with your family at home.

-Focuses on your family’s individual needs.

-Activity prompts will involve parents and children creatively working together on art activities.

-Provides opportunities for parents and children to utilize teamwork, positively connect and interact, learn skills for problem solving and coping, express themselves through art and play, gain feelings of accomplishment and mastery, and to simply have fun!

-Examples of activities: Body tracings, puppets, family collages, slime making, Boat-Storm-Lighthouse, nighttime protection potion, castles, family drawings, painting, safe place boxes, world creations, mandalas, box of memories, clay sculpting, board game making, and more.

-Unlimited email correspondence for guidance and feedback.

*Child-Parent Relationship Building:

-Virtual session with parents and children.

-Encourages interacting to help establish a positive connection and improve the child-parent relationship.

-Instructions will be given for completing specific activities and tasks together during the session.

-Feedback email will be sent regarding what was observed during the session as well as additional action steps to take regarding improving the child-parent relationship.

-Unlimited email correspondence included.

*Child-Parent Relationship Training:

-Program that is provided via email for parent and child to do on their own at home.

-Helps with better enhancing the child-parent relationship and attachment.

-Parents will learn skills, strategies, and techniques that are utilized in play therapy.

-Parents will establish child-parent play sessions in their homes.

-Parents will video their play session, which I will then review and provide feedback and guidance regarding my observations.

For kids:

*Kids Virtual Social Skills Group:

-Virtual session for kids ages 9 to 12.

-Provides opportunities to interact and relate with other kids, while learning ways to improve social skills.

-Focuses on a specific social skill from the areas of classroom survival, friendship making, dealing with feelings, dealing with stress, and alternatives to aggression.

-Creative art activities and even games will also be implemented to help members with expressing themselves and having fun with other kids

For teens and adults:

*Connecting with nature prompts and activities:

-Provides you with creative art and nature activities and prompts via email to be completed on your own.

-Focuses on personal insight, conflict resolution, inner healing, and natural self-discovery.

-Unlimited email correspondence for guidance if you get stuck or need additional support.

For anyone:

*Creative Expression Activities:

-Offered through zoom or a phone session. Or can be offered as an email prompt to complete on your own.

-Instructions will be given for completing a specific creative expression activity.

-Provides opportunities for expressing yourself through creative outlets, feel empowerment and confident, gain insight, learn problem solving strategies, develop coping skills, and improve overall well-being and view of self.

-Activities implemented will be based on individual wants and needs.

-If completed while on a zoom or phone session, processing the finished artwork will be discussed.

-If completed on your own, email correspondence for processing will be encouraged to provide additional insight and guidance.

*Creative Expression Virtual Groups:

-Virtual groups that focus on supporting members in the areas of socialization, personal expression, self-discovery, and exploration.

-Joining will provide members with opportunities to express themselves through creative outlets, relate and interact with others, gain empowerment and confidence, develop skills for problem solving and coping, and improve overall well-being and view of self.

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