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Finding Guidance-Lighthouse Activity

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

With the current Covid-19 pandemic, you might be feeling lost, anxious, stressed, worried, overwhelmed, or isolated. Expressing those feelings and visualizing hope can be a therapeutic and beautiful way to identify needs, feel hope for the future, and realize where you are on your specific life journey.

A source of guidance for ships at night to make it safely to land are lighthouses. This activity will focus on utilizing a lighthouse for your own personal guidance. The lighthouse activity involves imagining being lost at sea and visualizing the ideal lighthouse that would provide you with the right kind of guidance you are needing.

Instructions: Visualize being lost at sea on a stormy night and seeing a glimmer of light leading to land. If you row hard, you know you can make it. Warm food, dry clothes, and rest will be waiting at the shore. Draw, color, or paint a lighthouse as a source of guidance. Depict yourself in relation to the lighthouse somewhere in the image. Add words to represent sources of guidance in your life.

Place your finished picture somewhere that you will see it everyday- on your mirror, fridge, door, etc- to remind you to have hope in difficult times.

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Caitlin Brock
Caitlin Brock
Mar 22, 2020

Caitlin here! If you try this activity, feel free to post pictures of your own finished art work!

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