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Feeling EGGxtra Crafty (Easter Pun!)

Happy April Fools day and the 1st day of a new month! Only 11 more days till Easter!

It might be hard to get in the Easter spirit with so many challenges and difficulties facing our world today! But lets set the intention to still celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We must remember that He too experienced pain and suffering, but he rose from the dead!

Recently, I started feeling inspired to focus my own creativity on Easter. This has lead me to experience more joy, peace, and gratitude. Instead of feeling disappointed and sad regarding things I cant control (there being no major Easter festivities or fun and not even getting to go in-person to attend Easter Mass), I have decided to try and focus more on what I actually can control.. like using this time to do something I love.. which is painting and being crafty. Remember-- don't spend all of your time and energy worrying, but instead let that energy be spent on doing something more positive-- like doing something that makes you happy and that you enjoy!!!

If you are channeling your inner creativity these days like me, or helping your kids channel theirs, then Michael's is your place to go!!!! Yesterday I made a trip to Michael's and there was a sale going on, so of course I left with a cart full of art supplies! If the sale is still going on, they were doing buy a 2-pack of canvases get another 2-pack for free!! They also had like 50% off Easter décor, so I snagged a big wooden bunny! On the clearance aisle, I also found a wooden letter B, paintbrushes, multiple Martha Stewart paints for only 87 cents each, and a 5 pack of wooden back canvases!!

I love painting on canvases because you can do quotes, words, scenery, mountains, or just about anything you want on them! I haven't started on mine yet, but stay tuned for another blog one day about what they turn out to be!

However, for now, here are two of my creations I made after my trip to michael's!

-Big wooden bunny(pictured also at the top of this post):

For this, I just alternated between different paint colors, painted a letter B, and then attached a burlap polka dotted bow (which I also got from Michael's)! Super Easy to do! And It is such a great addition to the front of my house!

-Wooden letter B:

Now this one isn't necessarily Eastery, but I moved into a new house over the weekend, so I am currently doing some decorating. Again this was super EASY! I just painted it Grey and it turned out super cute! You could also buy the first letters of your children's names and let them paint those however they want!

Now I just want to take some time to talk about adult coloring books! This Easter coloring book I did not actually get from Michael's, but I know they do sale adult coloring books. I believe I got this one from Frys, but I have also found other types of ones on Amazon and even at the dollar store. I am obsessed with adult coloring books! Coloring is my go to for relaxing, getting out of my head, and just being creative and expressing myself. If you haven't tried an adult coloring book, you should! I also frequently buy markers and what I have started to do is just dump the markers in a clear zip lock bag. Then based on how I am feeling that day, I will either pull a marker randomly from the bag and color with that particular color or I will focus on which colors feel more inspiring to me to use and go with those. A great idea is to even frame your pictures or create a book with your completed pcitures in it. You can also let your kids try or provide them with a regular coloring book to use! However, my niece loves to color in "Aunt Cake's coloring books."

Here are some of the Easter themed pages I have colored so far:

Alright, so I have given yall some EGGxtra Crafty Ideas that you can try to help you channel your inner creative self and maybe even help you to gain some feelings of peace, relaxation, and joy!

Like always, feel free to post your own Easter craft ideas or if you choose to do one similar to what I have posted- let me know what you thought and how it went!

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