Students with Masks

Unmasking The Mask:

Learning to See, Hear, and Understand the Masked Student

 Students are currently going through so many changes and experiencing increases in anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness, and confusion. Some students are withdrawing, disconnecting, and hiding behind their masks. Students are required to mask their faces, but this doesn’t mean they have to mask their feelings. It is very important for staff members to have knowledge and training in discovering the emotions that are hidden behind the masked student. This is where I can help!

Unmasking the Mask is a training program I have developed that focuses on helping the masked student to still feel seen, heard, and understood!!


-This is a training program provided to schools, daycares, and other organizations that work with students.

-Offered in a video format for people all over to use!

-Additionally, can be provided in person for the Phoenix area


The Benefits

Staff members will receive guidance and help regarding their own self-care and well-being, as well as provided with the necessary and important training information in the areas of:

*Gaining insight into students’ emotions 

*Recognizing meaning and appropriately responding to behaviors

*Enhancing strengths and coping skills

*Improving the staff-student relationship

*Implementing strategies and techniques that will lead to a positive and successful experience for all involved!


Please contact Creative Expression to discuss how I can help you, your school, your daycare, or your organization to Unmask the Mask!


"You have to wear a mask, but you don’t have to mask your feelings.”



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